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Chris Earnshaw: Author

Chapter Headings

  • The History of the Royal Arch
  • The Royal Arch Ritual
  • Trinitarianism
  • Freemasonry's Esoterica
  • Mystics on this Path
  • Freemasonry and Metaphysics
  • Current Opinions about the Soul
  • Epilogos

My New Book: November 2020


After the spiritual awakening following the Transmission of Light in the First Degree, the stimulation of the “dew” that animates the soul in the Second Degree, followed by the “Dark Night of the Soul” and the mystic resurrection in the Third Degree, the Mason is now perfected. However, without understanding the 25th Signpost, he is without a guide: “The Grand Master is dead, the Temple is not complete, and we have not found the Lost Word.”


Like the Royal Arch Degree, this book completes the journey, and understanding the symbolism of the Royal Arch, completes this remarkable transformation.


  •   What was thought to be so important about the Royal Arch Degree that it is included in the Blue Lodge as a Chapter, as well as both the Scottish and York Rites?
  •   What the various hints (Signposts) in the preceding three degrees were pointing to, and an explanation of the import of the Twenty-fifth Signpost.
  •   How the Third degree completes the Mason’s journey with a life-changing experience.
  •   How this degree categorically refutes any notion of the soul dying after death.
  •   Why Freemasonry may hold the secret teaching that religions around the world, including the Abrahamic faiths, have either not found, or do not want the faithful to know.
  •   Why Trinitarianism was thought to be so essential to Christianity that it was enshrined in law, and how Freemasonry’s rituals complete this doctrine.

This book answers these questions, and many more!

Videos introducing discussion points about the Craft.

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