Books in Preparation

Freemasonry and Spiritual Alchemy:

This book gives the history, religious issues, alchemy and intellectual background to the beginning of the Revival of Freemasonry in 1717. With an intriguing conclusion that a Chinese mandarin was partly responsible for the modern ritual.


This is the first volume of a four volume work. 262 pages A5


The other books are "Freemasonry: Quest for Immortality" (pub. Dec. 2019) and "Freemasonry: Initiation by Light" (pub. April 2020) and "Freemasonry: The Royal Arch" (est. 2020)


Written to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Freemasonry.

Healing with Y100 Magnets

Showing how to heal not only aches and pains using powerful but cheap magnets that can be bought at any Y100 shop, but also their use in more severe diseases.

The book will give simple descriptions together with line drawings of how/where to apply the magnets.


Similar books sell around 150,000 copies in Japan.


Currently preparing a clinical trial with a 600 bed hospital, the results of which will be very strong sales evidence.


MS 15% complete. Est 150 pages, with 50+ line drawings.

Finish by April 2018

Cartoons of Mencius Philosophy for businessmen.

So far I have drawn a dozen cartoons of Mencius's philosophy but in a corporate setting. I intend to complete about 200 4-box cartoons.


A similar book of Mencius cartoons was a best-seller in Taiwan, but done in a traditional setting.


A Taiwanese company has offered to publish the book for the Taiwan and Chinese markets.


English language. A total of about 150 pages, without commentary.With commentary 250 pages. See Articles for an image.

Only 5% complete. Finish by end of 2018.

Branding in Japan

I was the president of two major US branding agencies in Japan, and can talk of the mistakes, pitfalls and opportunities in the Japanese market, giving Japanese and foreign examples.


Notes are ready to start an MS, it would take 3 months to complete.

Easy cooking for men

I qualified at Cordon Bleu cooking school in Tokyo in 1998. I wanted to learn to cook because being single I was always eating the same food, and I also wanted to entertain sometimes.


I have devised a few methods that make cooking easy and nutritious for men, whether Japanese or foreigners.  I use them all the time!


It would take two months to complete an MS.

Spiritual Development Course

This course is the result of my teaching Spiritual Development to about 60 adults in Tokyo.


The course is progressively more advanced, starting with dowsing, meditation, energy work, healing, mediumship and spirit communication. The course was written up and accepted as the thesis for my Master's degree in 2004.


The notes are 100% complete, and the MS could be completed in one month.

Spiritual Dowsing

The complete text with instructions and illustrations on how to use a pendulum to change your life.


The four main techniques taught are how to experience spiritual energies, how to communicate with the spirit world, how to receive healing and how to manipulate energy. There are eight individual techniques taught in the book. I normally teach this course as a 20 hour Y100,000 course to small groups.


Notes 100% complete, to finish an MS about two months.

The Green Elephant Book

This an English text book that can be used by both pupil and teacher.


It is based on my experiences teaching primary school children in Japan at Shogakkan's English Juku for five years in 1980s.


The method emphasizes teaching by rote and games to involve the children.


Notes are 100% complete, to finish an MS would take about two months.

Theology for the Perplexed

I have studied theology for over 20 years, in the search for common teachings that could help me in my own quest for meaning in life.


I use my findings extensively when counseling people who are feeling suicidal. It encouraged me to study to become a Grief Counselor, and now I work with psychiatric patients in Tokyo.


Notes are about  70% complete, so to complete the book would take about 3~4 months.

Books in Negotiation

Freemasonry: Sacred Texts and Ritual

The second part of the Japanese book on Freemasonry. This covers the "mechanics" of Freemasonry:

  • フリーメーソンリーの「秘密」
  • 中世の七つの教養課
  • フリーメーソンリーは儀式的魔術として
  • 聖書の最終巻: 黙示録
  • ユークリッドの47番の問題
  • イーノック書
  • 時代の歳差運動
  • キリストされたイエス、太陽神


280 pages, with 50+ illustrations.  The English MS is complete, however the translation has not been done. Currently organized as 16 chapters, above examples are half of them.


Cover mock-up was a suggestion by Gakken Publishing.


English language rights are available for "The True History of Freemasonry"


288 pages, 117 illustrations