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A True History of Freemasonry (Japanese)

Published December 2017


  1. 大自然の神秘の十字架はイエスにかかわるか?
  2. 古代エジプトの宗教は永遠の生を目ざす
  3. アンクが象徴するフリーメイソン・エジプト儀式
  4. フリーメイソンの起源は孟子にあるのか?
  5. 古今の錬金術とフリーメイソンリーの深いかかわり
  6. テンプル騎士団と聖杯を結ぶ謎
  7. ホスピタル騎士団の転落と再興
  8. カルトと宗教と秘密結社
  9. 新たなエルサレムを目ざして

聖なる「黙示録タロット」- 2011

Japanese translation of the original book, with additional information and updates.


Published by BAB Japan.

Boxed book and tarot card set of 80 cards. Japanese only.

2,000 printed/0 remain.

220 pages.  Y4,000

Available for re-publishing

Tarot of the Revelation  (2007)

Book explaining how many Tarot cards can be found in the last book of the Bible. This information was shared by the American psychic Edgar Cayce.



English language with a Japanese summary at the end. Eng 186 pages Jp 36 pages. Y1,500 soft cover.

2,000 printed/10 remain

Available for re-publishing

Letters from an English Public School - 2000

Autobiography written in 3rd person about a child's experience of private, public and state schools during his parent's protracted divorce.



English language, 449 pages

Y2,000 hardcover. 

500 printed/100 remain.

Available for re-publishing

Japanese Ethical Pharmaceutical Tariff - 1990

English language list of all the branded pharmaceuticals in Japan, with supplementary information. Printed every two years in-line with MHLW price revisions.


Self-published, distributed by Yakugyo Jihosha.

328 pages + 100 pages of index &c. 4 editions

300 printed each year

1986~1992   Y25,000

Sho: Japanese Calligraphy- 1989

An introduction in English to the Japanese art of writing with a brush, complete with many illustrations. Still in print after 30 years!


English language. 174 pages.

Rights held by Tuttle Inc. (now Periplus Hongkong)

In continuous print / on Tuttle's best seller list.

Spiritual Dowsing - digest - 2015

Japanese language e-book introduction to dowsing, to test the market for interest in a longer book.




30 pages Y100.

About 250 copies sold

Available for publishing

Spiritual Freemasonry

There are four books in this series: please see the separate page that has all the details, content &c.



Four volumes @ 260~320 pages.

Each book is $22 on Amazon

The Mechanics of Asthma - 2001

In-house publication written for Banyu Pharmaceuticals. At the time I was the Market Research Manager for Singulair, the Merck/ Banyu anti-asthma preparation.



I own the copyright. It can be updated with new medicines and up-to-date preventative care information added.

Available for re-publishing