Helping Ukraine

A new campaign

Please use my book to raise funds to help Ukraine.


For 2023, I am offering this collection of poems to Lodges and other Masonic organizations at cost as a fund raising campaign.


The cost to the Lodge is just the cost of production and P&P a 60% discount on the retail price.


Here are the calculations for major markets on Amazon: 

           Retail     Cost       Margin

USA   $9.99        $4.00    $5.99

UK     £8.10        £3.20    £4.90

Japan  \1,295      \518    \777

AUS    A$14.35  A$5.70   A$8.60


The minimum order is ten copies.


For 50 copies or more, I will add your Lodge (organization) Name, Logo and a short message, such as "Supported by Devonshire Mason!"


For enquiries, please email me at:  author.earnshaw(at)


For other details please check on Amazon.

Samples from the book

In winter's icy grip, the Russians

With arrogance and hubris in the
  their hearts.

Invading lands that did not bear
  their name,

Ignoring the lessons of the past.

In destroyed homes and shattered

The old starve and freeze.

They're left to fend for themselves,
In the icy Slavic winter breeze.

The blue and gold flag waves on

Embodying skies of endless blue.

But it also represents fields of corn

Stained with blood, a sight so true.