05. September 2019
One of the weaknesses of PoD is that colour variations creep in. If colour is important to your book, you may be in for a surprise!
29. August 2019
My new book in English on esoteric Freemasonry is now available on Amazon! What is immediately apparent is how important religion was to Londoners at the time, which influenced the founders of the new Freemasonry.
18. June 2019
I'm happy to announce that I have a contract for a new in-depth book on Freemasonry and Alchemy that will be in shops January (?) 2020. It will be in Japanese. However, I have also decided to release the book in POD format in English via Amazon. I am now restructuring the content and hope to have it on a virtual bookshelf by July 2019. More details coming!
23. November 2018
The fact that small independent bookshops are finally making a profit is good news for authors. Bookshops should work with authors to promote their books, which in turn will bring readers into the shops. This is how Dickens built his readership - giving public readings.
12. November 2018
The role of the literary agent.
17. January 2018
Sales of books in US and UK grew in 2015, and part of that growth has been attributed to sales of adult colouring books. https://goo.gl/WjRVba It has been said that these books help people de-stress and find calm. One of these books has sold over one million copies. But why not just paint pictures or sketch something? I suppose some people have difficulty drawing even a stick man so colouring between lines drawn by a professional is the next best thing. Is this a condemnation of modern...
03. January 2018
If you self-publish you can make royalties of about 80%, with publishers it can be a fight to get 8%. What do publishers do for their 92% cut?
03. January 2018
Japanese shokunin are ganko! They will make a beautiful book, it will be expensive but it will be worth it.
03. January 2018
I have only once had a book printed in China, and it turned out to be quite a challenge. If I ever do it again, I will stand behind the printer, looking over his shoulder, to make sure it is done correctly.
03. January 2018
The meaning of life (in 140 characters or less!)

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