About me.

I came to Japan after high-school to study Japanese before going to Cambridge University, but changed my mind and studied calligraphy at Daito Bunka University with Naruse Eizan and Aoyama San'u.


This is me with Princess Chichibu and Tokugawa Yoshitomo (his face at right) at my first exhibition.


I qualified as a Professor of Calligraphy and Asian Studies

On returning to the UK I found work with a major pharmaceutical company, which sent me back to Japan to work in marketing. After six years I was scouted to work as an analyst at a major bank. Kissinger was my boss's boss.


Qualified in International Marketing  ABPI

BA in Japanese and Chinese, London University SOAS.

I did not enjoy banking - counting other people's money - and the stockbroking division, of which I was by then the Deputy General Manager, was no better than gambling.


So I decided to re-educate myself by studying for a doctorate in neuroscience, and the first step was going back to basics, with a qualification in emergency medicine at the US Naval Hospital at Yokosuka.


Completed PhD in Neuroscience via Tokai Medical University

I've always enjoyed cooking, and one time even considered opening a restaurant. But the reality of running a restaurant is not as glamorous as it seems. I studied at Cordon Bleu in Tokyo in case I ever needed a backup when / if the markets crashed.


I'm making this introduction very short. I have missed out the ten companies I have worked for, the five times I was made redundant, the six times I've been scouted and the three times I walked away from companies that were toxic.


Qualified in cooking at Cordon Bleu.

Masters Degree in Transpersonal Pyschology including Comparative Religion.

Over the years I have realized that there is no point in working to make other people happy if you are not content yourself.


One of the challenges I set myself is to learn to play all Bach's six Suites for Unaccompanied 'Cello. I have got as far as number four, many times, but the last two elude me.


Graduated Notre Dame University, Mendoza College of Business

Qualified as a Grief Counselor.

The way to be successful in life is to have a central belief that supports you in good times and bad. For me that has been the study of the philosophy of Mencius. So, it was a natural extension of my studies to join a Daoist temple in 2016.


I am a very spiritual person, using those skills on a daily basis. Understanding the teachings of the Dao have helped me better understand Mencius, because as he revered it, it must be important.


Qualified as a Biomagnet Therapist.


30 years has gone by quickly - looking forward to the next 30 years!


Currently, besides writing, I am running a small medical device start-up and the suicide prevention NPO Life Management. Some weekends I hold a  Biomagnet clinic at my office.

My study - only a corner of my 3,000 books!

My drawing board for cartoons