Would your Lodge or Research Society like a talk?









I'm the author of the Spiritual Freemasonry series of books (Initiation by Light, Spiritual Alchemy, Quest for Immortality and Royal Arch).  https://amzn.to/2x8Kk8i


Nowadays, with free video-conferencing software like Zoom, it is possible for Freemasons all around the world to connect, communicate and study. With Zoom's free account, up to 100 people can connect at one time. It can also be connected to a TV so that more people can take part. Through Zoom's messaging app, I can also field questions in real time.


I am happy to give short talks (around 15~20 minutes) or more formal lectures (40 minutes) at no cost to you.
If we can get the timing right, these talks could be during Lodge's Harmony, or for a study group or even to non-Masons who show an interest in the Craft.


Though my interest is in Spiritual Freemasonry, I'm happy to talk on a subject of your choosing. Our only constraint is that I am in Tokyo; here are examples of the time differences:


Tokyo                  08:00        18:00


Los Angeles       16:00         02:00


New York            19:00         05:00


London               00:00         10: 00


I am not limiting myself to these cities - this is just a guide. Availability many differ as I have a day job too!


In the first instance, if you are interested, please email me.   author.earnshaw@gmail.com