A legacy?

I like to challenge new things, whether it is cooking, music, healing or even the occult. I read as much as I can find about the subject - for example I have two dozen books on dreams alone - and then I formulate my own theory. Like a PhD, my idea needs to be original and add to the body of knowledge, and that is not so easy.


I know I will never be a king or a Nobel Laureate, but that doesn't mean I can't have some small impact on the world. Hopefully my books will impact a person, who will then decide to study the subject or make a decision based on my book. That book may sit on a shelf in someone's study in the Andes for a hundred years before ending up in a landfill somewhere. A dozen books I have read have made big differences in my life, if I hadn't read them I might be sweeping streets in London now. I will introduce them soon. Books are like seeds, just waiting for a fertile mind to nurture them.