Colouring books for adults?!

Sales of books in US and UK grew in 2015, and part of that growth has been attributed to sales of adult colouring books.


It has been said that these books help people de-stress and find calm. One of these books has sold over one million copies. But why not just paint pictures or sketch something? I suppose some people  have difficulty drawing even a stick man so colouring between lines drawn by a professional is the next best thing. Is this a condemnation of modern education? I know many people who cannot draw even a map to save their own life. These basic skills are not being taught at schools as governments believe that humanities is a waste of money, and what children need is more science and engineering to meet demands by the workplace.


I volunteer at a psychiatric hospital one day a week. Most of the patients there are sane, well-adjusted people who suddenly blew up at work or at home. What do the doctors have the patients do? Colouring books of pretty pictures. Go figure!